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Thank you for considering our brands to be part of your store. So that we provide you with best service ever, please first complete the new Customer Registration Form below and some housekeeping terms.

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Packing Your Order
  • Orders are packed as given.
  • If the order is getting packed by the warehouse no changes can be made.
  • The Lifestyle Co is not accountable for any errors i order made by the buyer.
  • Any changes to the order or cancellations must be made before the order is picked by the warehouse.
  • Any customisations will incur a cost per hour from our warehouse, this cost will be added onto your order.
  • If cancellation is needed after the order has been packed, you will be refunded the amount paid, minus the cost to receipt the products back into warehouse stock.
Minimum Order:
  • Any orders under 20pcs will incur an additional 20% cost.
  • Orders will potentially be delayed/missed if quantity is under 20pcs, due to an automatic tag that separates wholesale orders determined by the quantity in the order.
  • 20pcs is the minimum amount where no fees will be added on
  • All prices on invoices are in AUD
  • Cost of products ordered is to be paid when making an order
  • Additional costs may be added if the order is in our warehouse for too long or the order has not been paid for in a reasonable amount of time.
  • Shipping is paid by the buyer. This cost will be added on after packing for a more accurate cos tPlease provide a payment receipt if you are paying via another method.
Product Pricing:
  • Products are to be priced no lower or no higher than 10% of the Australian RRP 3 months after the release of the product.
Faults and Returns:
  • Any faults will need photographic proof sent to the team for review
  • Any faults will be credited onto your next order with the price paid for
Delivery Service:
  • Australian orders use Auspost
  • International orders use DHL Express
  • If you have a DHL express account our warehouse is able to bill the shipping costs to you directly.
  • The Lifestyle Co does not control the speed of your delivery
Tax, VATs and Duties:
  • All tax and duties incurred by your customs are to be paid by you and/or your company.The Lifestyle Co does not have any control over the amount charged by your government.
  • The invoice we send to you is NOT inclusive of tax, VAT and duties. These are additional costs to be paid by your company.
  • Please contact us for imagery in promotions of our products on social media, and on your own website.
  • Photos are not to be used for defamatory purposes
  • We love and encourage social media postings please hashtag #2eros or #supawear to your posts, and tag us!
  • Please double check the address used when placing an order.
  • All information provided must be truthful and accurate
  • You are responsible for any updates necessary to your account.
  • Notify us in the comments if you would like shipping insurance.(extra costs)
  • By becoming a wholesaler you agree to be part of the exclusive wholesaler’s emailing list for new releases and pre-launches.
  • We/our: refers to The Lifestyle Co (the seller)
  • You/your: refers to you (the buyer)
  • PO: refers to purchase-order
  • 3PL: refers to 3rd Party Logistics
  • pcs: refers to pieces
  • AUD: Australian dollar
By checking this box and hitting SUBMIT you are agreeing to all terms and conditions listed above.
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